How does the “Elixir of Life” taste?

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What is the “Elixir of Life” and how would I hypothesize it to taste? In my mind, I would expect that a beverage holding this title should provide the consumer with vitamins (or other ingredients) that will help to promote optimal body performance. I also think that the name “Elixir of Life” elicits thoughts of an alchemical past, and therefore, should taste richly exotic and slightly mysterious.

I’ve been seeing ads for “Tumeric-The Elixir of Life” around town and was intrigued by both the concept and the vibrant color. Since the health benefits of turmeric range from anti-inflammatory properties to cancer prevention (and since I NEVER cook with it), I thought I should shell out the  *$5 for a bottle and post a review for my readers.

I decided to go with the “original” flavor, just to form a baseline opinion of the flavor profile.  The ingredient list of “Tumeric” is as follows: Turmeric, Ginger, Cardamom, Spearmint, Honey, Lemon, Sea Salt and Cayenne (is this reminding anyone of that colon cleanse drink that was popular a few years ago?). The marketing campaign for this product really paid off  since both the packaging and vibrant liquid gave the impression that this would be both a refreshing and healing liquid experience.

So how does it taste? After the first initial sips, I can definitely say that my taste buds are feeling confused. I think that the most prominent flavors are turmeric, cardamom and spearmint…a combination which leaves a slightly medicinal taste. I forced SB to try a few sips with me and he commented on how the addition of sea salt gives the juice an initial salt-water-like taste, although the following flavor notes are actually kind of sweet and tangy. I think that the spearmint and cayenne give the drink an interesting “bite” and that the raw honey provides just the right amount of sweetness.

Overall, I don’t think that “Tumeric” will become my favorite drink of choice, most likely because I’m not a huge fan of indian spices (for shame!). I also think that the drink’s violent orange hue is very reminiscent of orange juice, which leaves you feeling somewhat disappointed (on some subconscious level) when the drink doesn’t taste as cloying sweet as the tropical beverage you are used to enjoying at breakfast time.

Would I buy “Tumeric” again? At first I would have said “No!” but after trying the drink again, I definitely started to like it a bit more…suggesting that maybe it will become an acquired taste. I think my favorite thing about this drink is the company’s website. They have a ton of information about their ingredients, why they are included in the drink and how they will help to boost your metabolism and immune system.

In conclusion, I want to say good job to “Tumeric” for putting out a product that is natural in nature and for explaining to it’s consumers how it will benefit them. I’m not sure if I will purchase this drink on a daily/weekly basis, but SB had a great idea to make an “Elixir of Life Screwdriver” cocktail…which just might make me feel better (on multiple levels) the next time I’m in need of a drink after a rough day. Keep your eyes peeled for that future recipe!

Have a great wednesday!

*I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it but I remember thinking, “Yikes”…so $5 seems right. Next time I’ll keep my receipt, since I know pricing is an important factor when considering whether to make a purchase.

**I have no affiliation with the “Tumeric” company.


3 thoughts on “How does the “Elixir of Life” taste?

  1. This is so interesting to me, Nikki–I’m think I’m going to borrow your featured product and do a comparison with the MEDIEVAL elixir of life. Thanks for sharing!

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