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Top 5 quick and easy Paleo snacks

I think the main reason why we tend to fall off the wagon with respect to healthy eating is lack of preparation. It takes a lot of time and dedication to prepare and cook all of our own healthy meals, but sometimes…we just plain run out of time.

So it’s 3pm, you’re hungry and you don’t feel like cooking…what do you reach for? Here is a list of my top 5 easy Paleo snacks.

#5: Hard boiled egg


Ok, so this one is kind of cheating because technically there is some foresight and prep work  involved; however, they sell these at my work’s cafeteria (3 for $1.50)…so I’m counting it. Hard boiled eggs are the perfect little snack since they are packed with protein and vitamins and have just enough fat to help keep you full until lunch or dinner. Also, you can find these ultra handy egg carriers at REI, which makes it even easier to transport to and from work. Aren’t they cute?

#4: Apples with cinnamon

This snack hits the spot each and every time. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, tart and spicy and invites memories of my favorite season, Fall. The genius of this pairing lies in the fact that cinnamon helps to control the spike in insulin that can be caused by the natural sugars found in apples. So sprinkle it on! I also love how everyone has their favorite type of apple. Mine is Macintosh…what’s yours?

#3: Banana with almond butter

banana and almond butter

This was actually my breakfast yesterday morning. Note that sweet little banana in the corner of the badly taken photograph. Since bananas are higher in natural sugars (and therefore carbs) I tend to eat this snack/meal only on days when I work out. Importantly, the natural fats found in the almond butter help to even out the spike in insulin over time. Recently, SB and I have discovered the freshly ground almond butter at Whole Foods and I highly recommend it. You can really taste the roasted nut flavor and I think it really is a superior product.

#2: Spiced nuts


Trail mix can be a tricky thing when it comes to Paleo since granola and candy can make store-bought versions quite problematic. I actually saw a funny quote about this, “The only two ingredients that make up trail mix…M&M’s and disappointment”. Trader Joe’s, however, sells a wonderful product called Thai Lime and Chili cashews. Cashews are great source of heart-healthy fats and copper, a necessary nutrient for a number of bodily process including, iron metabolism, free radical elimination, development of connective tissue and production of melanin. The spiciness of the chili’s may also help to fight inflammation and boost your immune system. The thing to remember with nuts is PORTION CONTROL. Try measuring out some portions and put them in small bags or BPA-free containers, then grab and go.


#1: Coconut manna


If you haven’t tried this yet, you are in for the best surprise of your life…well maybe not your life, but this week because it’s really that good. Coconut manna is made by a company called Nutiva and the best description I’ve been able to find is a coconut cream made from the meat of the coconut and coconut oil. Coconut manna has a consistency similar to peanut butter and is solid at room temperature. When you first open the jar it’s likely that the coconut oil will have separated and risen to the top, it will have a clear white appearance. Stick the jar (without the metal lid!) into your microwave (or if you anti-micro, you can stick it on the top of your hot stove or in a water bath) and let the product melt (1-2 min). Give it a good stir, making sure to reach the coconut meat at the very bottom. You can pour this on fruit or nuts or…eat it by the spoonful. As you might remember from this previous post, coconut is truly a wonder fruit when it comes to it’s anti-viral and anti-microbial benefits. Since the flu outbreak has become rampant in Boston, I’ve started eating a spoonful while I prepare dinner as part of my vitamin regimen. Don’t get freaked when you see that it’s $9 (price per jar at my Whole Foods)…a little goes a long way so you’ll have it for awhile.

That’s my list…I hope it helps. Have a great day!

P.S.- What does everyone think of Scientifically Delicious’ new makeover for 2013?

Image credits:

Egg image:

Apple image:

Banana with almond butter: ME! 😀 Thanks to Sara for my morning’s inspiration. Pictured is my Starbuck’s Dark Roast coffee with a dash of cinnamon, banana with almond butter and a screen shot of me listening to the Beatle’s White album as I prep for the day’s experiments.

Trader Joe’s Thai Lime and Chili Cashews:–Chili-Cashews

Coconut manna:


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