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I’m a tea lover and this post has me convinced to give this starter kit a try. Recently, my skin has taken a toll due to the winter elements and it would be nice to give it some love from the inside out. Thanks for such a great post Bailey Blush!

Bailey Blush ♡

Tea Forte pack

For the past month I have been mildly obsessed with the Tea Forte Skin Smart Tea’s. Tea Forte is an amazing organic tea company with a wonderful flavor selection . I was of course drawn to Skin Smart because of the antioxidant skin benefits and secondly because of the delicious sounding flavors! I purchased the lovely kit pictured above, as well as the Swiss Apple pictured below!

swiss apple
What is pleasantly surprising about this product is all of the uniquely delicious flavors, and the noticeable skin benefits! My skin looked more hydrated and radiant! And now I need to go to Tea Rehab, I am addicted…



Cherry Marzipan

A green tea blended with Acerola Cherry and Toasted Almond. Cherry is rich in minerals, vitamin C and other antioxidants! This blend is soooooo good. It is a gourmand tea, that is not overly nutty or sweet, but just the right blend of…

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    1. You saved me $8! I was thinking it might be fun to take pics before and after skin smart tea forte supplementation….ie, does it really work how they say it should?

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