Running Playlist: Installment 3; Rebecca’s “Dance Hall Workout”

Today’s playlist comes to you from one of my very best friends, Rebecca (or Becky). I met Becky during my first year of high school. She came up to me, introduced herself and by Halloween of that first year we were already best of friends. During the next 15 years or so we would go through so many things together; first loves and sequential breakups, big girl apartments in the city, friendship drama…but probably my best memories of Becky are our Friday dance nights at a local bar in Pittsburgh called the “Lava Lounge”. A group of us would go, every Friday, to dance away the worries of the week to loud and crazy beats. These nights were cathartic as we shared our ups and downs and escaped our late 20’s for just a bit longer.

@ Lava!

@ Lava!

This play list highlights Becky’s eclectic and awesome music taste. She has assembled some great songs here that really get you moving. I listened to this list for the past week or so and it is really infectious! My favorite track is called, “Bounce” by Calvin Harris.



Even though I’m in Boston now and can’t meet up with Becky every Friday night, we still find ways to remain close and keep each other in one another’s life. Friendship is wonderful like that, it grows like a tree, twisting and turning towards the light. I am so happy that the roots of our friendship are strong and thick. Life is so much easier when you have good friends to turn to in good times and in bad.

To check out the playlist, click HERE

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