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Pumpkin brownies, a new workout snack?

It’s no secret that pumpkin (or Cucurbita moschata) is a super food, with a resume that boasts a rich source of vitamins A, C and K, and bioactive compounds that have been linked with anti-cancer, -obesity and -diabetic properties. Recently, a Japanese research group set out to test whether this spectacular squash also contributes to… Continue reading Pumpkin brownies, a new workout snack?

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Paleo snack time: Antioxidant-rich “Super Spheres”

Snack time can be the best or the worst time of day depending on your level of preparation. One thing I’ve come to realize after starting to eat healthy, is that dedicating some time per week for prep food is essential for continued success. Otherwise, you get hungry, you stare at your fridge and then… Continue reading Paleo snack time: Antioxidant-rich “Super Spheres”

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How to substitute with coconut flour…

Since there have been quite a few recipes on Scientifically Delicious lately that use coconut flour, I wanted to share this wonderful conversion chart from Gygi’s blog to aid in your own experimentation. Coconut flour can be a little tricky since it requires more liquid than normal flours (remember how many eggs we used in… Continue reading How to substitute with coconut flour…

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3.14 Taco Pi

Yesterday, I was strongly recommended by my sister to post a pie recipe since today is Pi day! So, last night I did some quick googling “Paleo Pie” and found a ton of recipes for something called Taco Pie. As a kid, tacos were truly my favorite food (I literally had tacos and pumpkin pie… Continue reading 3.14 Taco Pi

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Dietary epigenetics, cancer prevention and GREEN TEA CUPCAKES

I am so happy to share with all of you a guest post I recently did for EpiBeat, a blog created by the scientists at Zymo Research. Zymo research is a company that is dedicated to designing new products to study different aspects of biology, including epigenetics, a topic covered in this guest post. Epigenetics… Continue reading Dietary epigenetics, cancer prevention and GREEN TEA CUPCAKES

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Perfect Paleo snack: mini banana bread muffins

The first week of my training has gone pretty well so far and I’m even working on creating a great running playlist to share. Yesterday, I decided to try making my Banana POWER bread recipe more portable by baking them in mini-muffin trays. They really they turned out great! The mornings are going to be even easier… Continue reading Perfect Paleo snack: mini banana bread muffins