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Love potion No. 9

**WARNING: Mom, before you read any further, this post contains the words arousal, orgasm and genital area…just a heads up. Today’s post is a little love potion that I concocted to help get you ready for the big day of romance this week. Each ingredient in this drink was chosen with care to help awaken… Continue reading Love potion No. 9

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Originally posted on Bailey Blush ♡:
For the past month I have been mildly obsessed with the Tea Forte Skin Smart Tea’s. Tea Forte is an amazing organic tea company with a wonderful flavor selection . I was of course drawn to Skin Smart because of the antioxidant skin benefits and secondly because of the delicious…

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Green Grouch juice

I was in a horrible mood on Tuesday…just horrible. It all started when the meteorologists were wrong about the forecasted snow storm. Did I want 6 inches of snow? No, but I think that if I have to do my job correctly, then so should they and this made me grumpy for some reason.  To… Continue reading Green Grouch juice

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Tea time at Downton Abbey…Paleo style

With Season 3 of Downton Abbey upon us, I thought it only right to do a post on the health benefits of herbal tea. And, for all of you posh cavemen and women, I’ve even included a recipe for a 1 minute microwaveable paleo crumpet! So, shine up your monocles because we are sitting down… Continue reading Tea time at Downton Abbey…Paleo style


How does the “Elixir of Life” taste?

What is the “Elixir of Life” and how would I hypothesize it to taste? In my mind, I would expect that a beverage holding this title should provide the consumer with vitamins (or other ingredients) that will help to promote optimal body performance. I also think that the name “Elixir of Life” elicits thoughts of… Continue reading How does the “Elixir of Life” taste?

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Boosting your Omega3s in under 30 seconds…using only a spoon

Keeping in theme with this week’s previous post on the benefits of Omega3s in your diet, I thought it might be nice to share a couple of ideas that I have been using lately to increase my Omega3 ratio. They don’t require an oven or even any prep time, which is great for a person… Continue reading Boosting your Omega3s in under 30 seconds…using only a spoon