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Love potion No. 9

**WARNING: Mom, before you read any further, this post contains the words arousal, orgasm and genital area…just a heads up. Today’s post is a little love potion that I concocted to help get you ready for the big day of romance this week. Each ingredient in this drink was chosen with care to help awaken… Continue reading Love potion No. 9

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Green Grouch juice

I was in a horrible mood on Tuesday…just horrible. It all started when the meteorologists were wrong about the forecasted snow storm. Did I want 6 inches of snow? No, but I think that if I have to do my job correctly, then so should they and this made me grumpy for some reason.  To… Continue reading Green Grouch juice

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Slow cooker thyme-scented apple butter

What better way to start 2013 than with an easy and delicious recipe for some homemade apple butter? The beauty of this recipe is that you have total control! You can choose which type of apples (leading to a sweeter or tarter end product), the level of spices and even the final consistency (thicker vs… Continue reading Slow cooker thyme-scented apple butter

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Last minute NYE menu

  Looking for some last minute ideas for dinner tonight? Take a peek at our (mostly paleo) 2012 NYE menu. SB and I decided to stay in this year because a) I’ve had the stomach flu for the past week, b) it’s freezing outside and c) they closed our favorite NYE restaurant a couple months… Continue reading Last minute NYE menu

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Smoothies; 3 ways

Smoothie-making has always seemed like a lot of work to me. Maybe it’s the idea of unearthing my blender from the pile of pots and pans or the clean up afterwards that has prevented me from making them. However, all of  that changed the day I tried a spin on this “green smoothie” recipe from Watch Your… Continue reading Smoothies; 3 ways