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Chocolate zucchini cake

This week I’m posting to you from my parent’s house in Pittsburgh, PA. My schedule has been jam packed with so many things. I have already attended one of my best friend’s weddings, visited with family, running hills in prep for the upcoming half-marathon AND have been working on some new recipes, like this chocolate… Continue reading Chocolate zucchini cake

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Dietary epigenetics, cancer prevention and GREEN TEA CUPCAKES

I am so happy to share with all of you a guest post I recently did for EpiBeat, a blog created by the scientists at Zymo Research. Zymo research is a company that is dedicated to designing new products to study different aspects of biology, including epigenetics, a topic covered in this guest post. Epigenetics… Continue reading Dietary epigenetics, cancer prevention and GREEN TEA CUPCAKES

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BPA Awareness Week

Welcome to BPA awareness week on Scientifically Delicious. After posting my Turkey verde chili recipe back in December, a good friend from home asked how worried she should be regarding BPA and canned goods. I was slightly embarrassed because I hadn’t really given BPA a lot of thought up until that point. I know that I… Continue reading BPA Awareness Week

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Nutrition app and new blog update

Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to share with you all very quickly about a new sister site that I recently created called Beautifully Scientific. I started this blog after noticing how much traffic this post on a DIY paraben-free face mask received. I thought long and hard about whether to just expand Scientifically Delicious in… Continue reading Nutrition app and new blog update